Slitting, rewinding and packaging bags

Once all of the previous processes are finalised, the product finish depends on the customer’s specifications.

We provide various different types of finishes according to needs:

processes pre-printing and enbraving Different types of embossing Reel finish, Sheet-form, Packaging bags, Embossing.

Reel finish

• The material is cut in reels, according to the specifications provided by the customer.

• The reels are labelled to ensure traceability of the manufactured material at all times.

Printing process. Technology for finishes and formats

Sheet-form finish

• The material is finished in sheet form, according to the customer’s specifications and needs.

Printing process. Packaging bags

Packaging bags

• We can prepare multiple types of bags depending on needs and future use.

processes pre-printing and enbraving Application of Waxes and Paraffins. We apply wax and paraffin to a wide range of papers


• Different types of embossing which can be applied to various materials, particularly to aluminium complexes.