Rotogravure printing

Rotogravure printing allows us to achieve the best quality printing and excellent results in different types of materials.

• Material control systems.

Our rotogravure printers use the most advanced printing quality-control technologies to ensure maximum quality throughout the whole printing process.

• Fully automated register controls.

• Error control and detection systems.

• Colour and ink control systems.

• Material control systems.

Processes pre-printing and engraving Advanced rotary technology

Any kind of pull…

In line with market trends, we are becoming increasingly more specialized in medium and short runs, with the highest quality which allows rotogravure printing at reduced costs.

• Rotogravure printing of up to 9 colors.

• Application of Cold Seal and Heat-sealing adhesive to various types of plastic and paper materials.

• Application of overprint varnishes to achieve different finishes (glossy, matte, sliding properties, etc.) on various types of plastic and paper materials.