Manufacturing Process

At TABERSA, we are fully committed to quality and this is why we include exhaustive controls and the latest technology in each of our production processes. This allows us to guarantee the high level of quality in our products, in line with the requirements of our customers and the current market.

processes pre-printing and enbraving Technology

Complete flexibility

We provide complete flexibility for our customers in all areas, so that they can have exactly what they need in as short a time as possible. All of this is possible thanks to the maximum integration of all the production processes. These are specially designed to allow for maximum versatility. This is the only way we can offer the best possible value for money, as we constantly strive for maximum productivity in our processes.

Manufacturing Process

processes pre-printing and enbraving Pre-impresión y Grabación . PRE-PRINTING AND ENGRAVING: photomechanics department

Pre-printing and engraving

Our photomechanics department adapts the designs provided by our customers to rotogravure printing.

processes pre-printing and engraving Rotogravure printing ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING printing process.

Rotogravure printing

Rotogravure printing allows us to achieve the best quality printing and excellent results in different types of materials.

processes pre-printing and enbraving Lamination adapted to the client. Laminating with GLUE or WAX


The structure of each complex can be adapted to the customer’s needs, the product characteristics and the type of packaging machine.

processes pre-printing and enbraving Application of Waxes and Paraffins. We apply wax and paraffin to a wide range of papers

Application of wax and paraffin

We offer the possibility of applying different types of wax and paraffin to give the material different properties.

processes pre-printing and enbraving Different types of embossing Reel finish, Sheet-form, Packaging bags, Embossing.

Finishing in bags, reels and formats

We provide various different types of finishes according to needs.