Laminated materials – duplex

Multiple properties

The composition of each complex is determined according to the customer’s needs and adapted to the characteristics of the product to be packaged.

Specifications and features

The duplex complexes allow us to obtain multiple properties:

Solid, liquid and powder product packaging.

• Modified-atmosphere product packaging.

• High barrier against different elements:

› Water vapour

› Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc.

› Light

› Aromas

• High velocity.

• Low-temperature welding – Excellent Hot-tack properties for low-temperature packaging of products which are highly sensitive to heat.

• High resistance to tears, traction, punctures, etc.

• High resistance to freezing.

• Complexes especially designed for vacuum systems.

• Complexes which can be peeled, sterilised and pasteurised.

Sample of some products

The main markets for this type of product are food, confectionery, snacks, chocolate, nuts, dairy products, precooked foods, vegetables, frozen foods, rice, pasta, infusions and biscuits. It is also used for fertilisers, chemicals, insulation, toys and promotional materials (foil envelopes and magazines).